by Google is one of the most popular email services nowadays which lets you send emails to your friends, relatives, business partners wherever they are (the only thing they need is the Internet). With a Gmail account, you can also access to other Google services such as Gmail, Blogspot, Google Play, Google Plus, Google Driver, Youtube …
Creating a Gmail account is quick and easy. You can follow the tutorial to sign up Gmail here. If you already have a Gmail ID, then follow the below steps to Gmail Login into your account.
Step 1:
Visit the Google website:
Click on the “Gmail” in the upper right corner of the Google homepage.

Step 2:
When Gmail sign in page appear, enter your Gmail address in the address box and click “Next”.

Step 3:
Fill the next box with your password. The letters and numbers will only appear as **** for security purposes.

Step 4:
We recommend that you got the “Stay signed in” checkbox selected. This ensures that you won’t be constantly interrupted to re-enter your password and makes your future sign-ins easier with account choosers
Step 5:
Click Sign in button to go to your Gmail Inbox.
Thus, you have signed in to your Gmail account successfully. It’s really easy to login to Gmail account, isn’t it?
Have fun experience with Gmail!

Gmail Notifier is a handy free software that enables you to check your email without having to access Gmail on the web browser. There are many cases that make Gmail login fails, so, using Gmail Notifier helps you do not miss any new email. In the article below, will guide you how to use Gmail Notifier with some simple steps.

When Gmail login fails, users will encounter difficulty in checking email on a web browser. This can affect pretty much to your work, your learning. However, you do not necessarily have to login Gmail on web browser.
Here’s instruction on how to use Gmail Notifier, check mail on the desktop.

Step 1: Run Gmail Notifier after installing, you will first select the language to use and then click OK.


Step 2:
At Main tab, click Manage Accounts.


Step 3:
In Accounts tab you click Add to add the email address (If you have not Gmail account, sign up through some simple step)


Step 4:
Depending on your needs you can select Google Gmail Atom or Google Gmail IMAP …


Step 5:
Here, enter your account information then click OK to create.


Step 6:
After creating, you will see a window as shown below:


Thus, whenever you have a new email, system will notify you and you do not need to log in to your Gmail to read or reply, you can perform those actions right here. Applications will be run underground your system tray, you simply click on the arrow below the system tray to see application is still open.


With the tutorial above, you do not need to log in to your Gmail account to check e-mail and still not miss any emails thanks to Gmail Notifier, really handy right? Besides, you should change your Gmail password regularly for secure your account better.
Wish you use Gmail more professionally!